How to launch a website

using and

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How to use Codepen

Pick a website template

They're all made by codepen users like you!


Start with this list of website templates on


Click 'Fork' on the template you want to start with, and save it to your own CodePen account.

Now you're ready to code your own website!

Add your own content into the HTML page.

Replace the exisitng text in the HTML with your own information

Want to add your own logo or images? There are a couple of ways to do this:


Upload them to directly to your CodePen account (this method requires a paid account on CodePen)


Upload them to a free image hosting website like and copy your image's URL


Insert an image tag like this into your website template's HTML on CodePen, and paste your hosted image's URL into the tag:

<img src="//">

Refine your Website

Open your 'pen' in full page view by selecting that view in the "change view" menu

Once you get everything looking how you want it, you're ready to go live for free using Push2.

(1) add your website

Copy your CodePen '/pen' URL into push2.

2) push a button

Click Save

3) that's it - really

Your Website is live on a domain.